Core Business segments

GEO.Green Energy Opportunity is an independent project development and strategic consulting group specialized in energy-saving, alternative and renewable energy and ecological projects.


Renewable and alternative energy is the main field for our Project development business. Overseeing the whole variety of renewables and alternative energy sources we focus our efforts on two – biomass and biogas.


We possess deep knowledge of technical, technological and economical aspects of biomass and biogas collection and usage for both direct energy production and production of biofuels. Strong technical and economical expertise combined with successful experience made us one of the strongest players on Ukrainian renewable and alternative energy project development market. And long lasting history of our successful co-operation with different international institutions and companies leads us to a position of a strong strategic consultant for both Ukrainian and international customers.


We also have successful experience in development of ecological projects, especially those related to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.


Finally, most of our projects lead to greenhouse gas emission reduction and we possess deep knowledge of methodologies and regulation of all main emission reduction trade systems.