Renewables - Biogas

Overseeing the whole variety of renewables and alternative energy sources we focus our efforts on two – biomass and biogas.


Biogas may be collected on different sources:

  • municipal wastewater treatment plants

  • industrial wastewater treatment plants

  • swine, kettle, poultry farms

  • digestion of special crops or agricultural residues

  • municipal solid waste polygons


After collection biogas is processed and may be used for several purposes:

  • electricity and/or heat production (direct burning)

  • to be injected to natural gas distribution systems

  • as motor fuel


Over the years of project development we obtained detailed knowledge of wastewater and manure collection and treatment systems. We also have detailed technical and technological knowledge in biogas collection systems. As a result - we are able to develop biogas projects of different scale and size on almost all possible biogas sources.


These projects lead also to GHG emission reduction. Project owners may get extra revenues on selling emission reduction units. We have detailed knowledge of different ER trading systems and relevant regulations and able to develop projects based on JI/CDM mechanisms as well as on voluntary ER systems mechanisms.


Our main advantages in this sector are:

  • detailed understanding of biogas collection and processing technologies

  • strong technical and technological expertise

  • precise knowledge of relevant regulation (including the Green tariff legislation)

  • wide network of experienced technical and technological partners

  • extensive commercial connections with equipment manufacturers

  • detailed understanding of different ER trading systems and relevant regulation