There are no “purely ecological” project exist. But ecological component may be found in different projects – renewables, energy efficiency, rehabilitation and reconstruction of municipal communal services systems etc. In some cases ecological component is secondary or complimentary (e.g. energy efficiency projects), in the other it prevails over the rest of components (e.g. municipal wastewater treatment system rehabilitation).


We consider projects were ecological component is primary as ecological projects.


Within the whole variety of such projects we focus on municipal and industrial WWTPs reconstruction projects. Main goal of such projects is to decrease harmful influence of untreated wastewater on ecology. 


These projects usually contain the renewable energy component (due to biogas collection) and also lead also to GHG emission reduction. Project owners may get extra revenues on selling electricity and heat, produced from collected biogas, and also on selling the emission reduction units. 


Our main advantages in this sector are:

  • detailed understanding of wastewater collection and treatment principles and technologies

  • strong technical and technological expertise

  • precise knowledge of relevant regulation (including the Green tariff legislation)

  • wide network of experienced technical and technological partners

  • extensive commercial connections with equipment manufacturers

  • detailed understanding of different ER trading systems and relevant regulation